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Travel to Apo Reef Dive Sites and Destination- Second largest coral reef in the world
Apo Reef and Apo Island Dive Sites Apo Reef Exotic Marine Life Apo Reef worlds best coral reef

Apo Reef is one of the most best and famous diving site in the Philippines and the one of the most popular coral reef in the world. Apo Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world and the largest one in the country. Apo Reef is the largest among three islands ofthe Apo Reef Nature park. The other two Islands are the Apo Island and the Pand Island. Apo Reef is located 28 kms off the western coast of Mindoro Island, it is 34 kms long and divided into two lagoon systems, north and south.


Apo Reef Philippines World-class Dive SitesApo Reef is one of the world class diving site in the Philippines and is a pure bliss for divers. Apo Reef diving has some spectacular drop offs and walls with some of the best visibility in the country. The shallow lagoon with a depth of 2 meters to 10 meters surrounded by mangrove forest which serves as source of food, nursery and spawning ground of several coastal and marine species of fauna and sanctuary of birds. Its diverse corals are approximately 34 sq. km. of reef where different species of fish, marine mammals and invertebrates thrive. If you like big fish action Apo Reef will not disappoint you, schools of trevally, tuna and the photographers dream, barracuda’s, not to mention hammerheads, white and black tip reef sharks, manta, eagle and sting rays and turtles galore.

Apo Reef is a protected sanctuary and declared a National Park in 1996. Apo Reef Natural PArk has a unique natural phenomenon and has a high diversity of corals and has an island covered with terrestrial vegetation.

Trips to Apo reef are generally arranged from Pandan Island Resort on the west coast of Mindoro Island, Pandan Island itself to the south, or from Puerto Galera, 125 km away. Most live-aboard boats feature the area in their itineries also.

How to get there

3 hours by boat from Pandan Island. 125 kms by boat from Puerto Galera. Live-aboards from 1-5 days.

Famous Diving Site Sites in Apo Reef Philippines

Apo Island: This Island has some lovely and scenic view with a magnificent and good assorment of dive sites. Stunning and outstanding hard and soft corals are all around and enormous table corals, stag horns, brain corals and fire corals can be seen.

Huge drop-offs and spectacular walls are in the southern, northern and eastern side of the island. Exotic and enchanting marine life species can be experienced when the currents are strong because a variety of large pelagic species are attracted all around the island.Stunning Marine life will be encountered such as large pelagics, including tuna, jacks, humphead wrasses, mantas and hammerheads.


Apo Reef Nature ParkShark Ridge: Located at the Eastern side of Apo Island. This diving spot is named Shark Ridge because many whitetip and blacktip sharks can be seen. Mantas are also common in this site but the corals are not so good.

Binangaan Drop-off: Site drop-off site is located at the southwest side of Apo Island and another good wall to explore. Impressive gorgonians and plenty of soft and hard corals can be seen in this site. Exotic Marine life is vibrant and schools of humphead parrotfish, tuna, groupers, snappers and other large pelagics can be experienced.

Hunters Rock: This reef is located 20 km off the west coast of Apo Reef. This site is not for beginners because the current is strong. Experienced guide is needed to find the spot. Numerous sea snakes can be found in here especially during mating season June and July. Beautiful marine life can be seen in here and masses of corals and sponges. This reef is home to schools of tropical fish, including butterflyfishes, snappers and sweetlips. Sharks, big trevallys and other predatory fish are common.

Merope Rock: This is similar to Hunters rock and is located 20 km off the west coast of Apo Reef. There is a good wall on the eastern side of this rock and you will find big fish, sharks, barracuda and trevally.

Pandan Island: Going to Apo Reef is by boat from Pandan Island. Located off the West coast of Mindoro Island and is a private resort. There are numerous beautiful dive sites here in Pandan Island that the depths ranges from 2m to 20m which is ideal for beginners. Wide variety of marine fauna and life, from colourful corals to small reef fish and larger pelagics can be found in here.


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