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Southern Leyte Philippines Dive Sites Destination
Southern Leyte Beautiful Dive Sites Southern Leyte Limasawa Island Exotic Marine Life Southern Leyte Sugod Bay Worlds best dive sites

Leyte is well known because of General Douglas MacArthur came back here in the Philippines to full his promise with his words "I Shall Return". General MacArthur stepped ashore in Leyte and said "I have returned". General MacArthur Naval Fleet destroyed and sunk Japanese Fleet in the Area but the wreckage location of the warships are uncertain and wreck diving is not possible.


Southern Leyte Philippines World-class Dive SitesLeyte is located in Eastern Visayas Region where it is situated to the northeast of Cebu and the north of Bohol. Leyte's diving sites are still unspoiled because most of the diving spots here are still to be discovered. Some of the best dive sites here are concentrated at the southern part of the island and can effectively be split into three main areas. These are the Limasawa Island, Pananon Island and Libagon. These dive sites offer the best scuba diving in Leyte.

Leyte is popular because of the whale sharks that migrate through the waters. The great chance to see these whale sharks is from November to the end of May. Underwater enthusiasts come here to dive during those time to see whale sharks.

Diving sites in Leyte are still improving that the facilities are not as well developed. There are many beautiful dive sites in this island that are yet to be discovered. The Coral Reefs of the dive sites here are some of the most diverse reefs in the whole world.

Dive destination in Southern Leyte can be considered as remote as one of those paradise islands. Southern Leyte have some of the best soft coral the Philippines and that is just the house reef. Leyte has still so much to offer, to the other side of the bay to the marine parks and it just gets better with amazing visibility into the deep blue. Drift dives are challenging through the Liloan straits and this type of location is home to large shoals of snapper and tuna. Dive sites in Southern Leyte is also rich underwater marine life.

How to get there

Regional flights to Cebu, then ferry. Or domestic flights from Manila to north Leyte with bus transfer 40 min

Famous Diving Sites in Southern Leyte Philippines

Libagon: Here in Libagon, you will enjoy diving in Peter's Mound which is located 200m offshore. The deep starts at 10m and drops off to over 40m. The currents can be strong which means that coral life is profuse. Larger pelagics can be found here. Divers will also encounter snapper, grouper, surgeons and wrasse together with other species of reef fish.


Southern Leyte most popular Diving SpotsLimasawa Island: This island is small about 6 km in length and is located off Padre Burgos on the most southerly tip of Leyte. Limasawa Island is known because of it's beautiful and amazing coral reefs. Variety of exotic marine life can be seen in here. Large pelagic life abounds here and you can expect to come across sharks, barracuda, mackerel, tuna, jacks and rays. The walls here are great and home of to the multitue of fish such as snapper, grouper, sweetlips and many smaller tropical fish. Diving aroung Limasawa Island are Adrian's Cove, Günter's wall, Bonnie's place, Max Climax, Turtle Rock, Tangkaan Point, Barrel Sponge Garden, Coral Garden, Heaven's gate, Medic care and Mangroves.

Panoan island: Napantaw Fish Sanctuary is the main attraction in this site which is also known Rio's or Toshi's Wall. Variety of exotic marine life can be seen in here and is worth to visit. A cave can also be found in here to be explored. Diver will encounter turtles, barracuda, groupers and batfish among others. Coral garden formations are spectacular with gorgonians and black and soft coral everywhere.

Liloan, Sogod Bay: It is also named as Sogot Bay is popular because of the migrating whale sharks that can be seen in here in the month of November until May. Divers will also encounter manta rays, and several species of shark. Whales and dolphins might be seen on the way there.


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