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Samal Island Davao Philippines Dive Sites Destination
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Samal Island is a distant away from the shores of Davao and is located located in the Davao gulf and east of Davao City. Samal Island is famous because it is the Coral Reef City. Now, Samal Island is called Island Garden City of Samal. This beautiful virgin island has been protected from commercialization to preserve ecotourism. This island has a multitude of dive sites to suit all tastes. The crystal blue waters that surrounds this island paradise is good for scuba diving because the coastline is rich with underwater wildlife.


Southern Leyte Philippines World-class Dive SitesThe Ligid Caves: This site is located in the northeast tip of Samal Island lies Big Ligid Island. The caves reveals the marvelous underwater marine life. Fine golden sea cucumbers are densely littering the reef amid a rainbow of soft corals, hydroids and basket stars. The slender reef top, covered with leather corals, drops sharply at about 15m. In the caves, divers will see small tropical small reefs black corals, soft corals and sponge crabs. Outside the caves, you will encounter several marine life such as crabs, tunicates, scorpion and lionfishes, sleeping parrot and rabbit fishes, morays and razorfishes hovering vertically in a harp gorgonian.

Pinnancle Point: This site is located in the southeastern tip of Big Ligid. The wall has a marvelous outcropping of gorgonians, many with crinoids clinging to them, we encountered morays and an octopus hiding in a few of the many small holes, and many big eyes and cardinalfishes in the larger ones. Divers will also encounter Schools of pennant butterflyfishes and schools of unicorn surgeonfishes, emperorfishes and jacks. Vaiety of corals with different colors can be found here such as pink soft corals. In the protected areas of this site, large gorgonians, black corals, lots of anthias and tubastrea, angelfishes, scorpionfishes, lionfishes and many invertebrates can be found.

The Ligid Caves and Pinnancle Point are located in the northeast of the island. The caves have beautiful and marvelous coral gardens and gorgonians. Exotic tropical fishes can be found here with the occasional sighting of sharks. Currents in this dive site can be fierce but the pinnacle offers some exciting diving. Divers will also encounter octopus, morays, travally, surgeonfish and jacks.

Pindawon Wall: This is the most beautiful and spectacular site in Samal Island. This dive site is located off the east coast of the island. Wide variety of tropical marine can be found in this site. Gorgonians and black corals with fish life including snapper, grouper and sea snakes can be found in the overhangs. Pindawon Wall is a marine sanctuary.

Aundanao: is a marine sanctuary where you can sometimes she turtles. This dive site is located slightly to the north. Beautiful variety of underwater life can be seen in here.

Mushroom Rock: This is the name of the dive site because of the shape of the underwater rock formations. This dive site is found in the south-eastern tip of the island. Divers can see large pelagics here, together with the occasional dolphin.

Marissa 1,2 and 3: These dive sites are shallow reefs that descend to 30m and offer good coral formations. This sites are located in the west coasts. Snorkeling is best in these sites. Variety of marine life can be found in here such as Hawksbill turtles are regular visitors, together with pelagics and lobsters.

How to get there

Getting to Samal is as easy as getting one ride bus to the next stop as for the locals using bus or jeepney, these modes of transportation carried over to a water vessel and transported to the island. You may also have ferryboats exclusively for Paradise island resort customers. The ferryboats are waiting in interval in the Lanang shores while another exclusive boats are in Sta. Ana Pier. Wind and Wave and several other boats servicing through the island are available for booking in Sta. Ana Pier. You may choose on going to Talikud and Vanishing island.


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