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Subic Bay Philippines World renowned wreck Dive Site Destination
Subic Bay Sunset Subic Bay Exotic Marine Life Subic Bay Philippines Dive spot

Subic Bay in Olongapo City is the former US Naval facility here in the Philippines and the largest one in Far East is one of the best wreck diving sites in Asia. Wreck divers around the world come here in at Subic Bay Philippines to experience the high quality wreck diving sites. There are many newly discovered corals and wreck sites here in subic Bay. There are only two diving sites in the Philippines that have high concentrate of wrecks. Subic bay and the Coron dive site in the north of Palawan.


Subic Bay Philippines World-class Dive SitesSubic Bay is world renowned because of the wreck diving and is one of the popular diving destinations here in Philippines and Asia. These wrecks are the result of the Spanish - US War in 1898 and the World War II where the Japanese vessels were sunk by the Americans.

Subic Bay has a number of highly accessible and notable wrecks. Among the more frequently visited wrecks/marine life homes are the USS New York, a 19th century battle cruiser, and the two Spanish era hulks- El Capitan and San Quentin. The San Quentin is considered notable because it has remained in good condition up to the present.

How to get there

The Subic Bay International Airport has a regular direct international scheduled and chartered flights.

SBFZ is 110 kms. North of Manila, the Philippines' capital city, where Saulog Transit and Victory Liner air-conditioned buses provide passengers regular transport services to and from Olongapo City terminal. A short jeepney ride takes you from the Victory Liner terminal to the Freeport, while Saulog Transit terminal is just a stone's throw away from the vicinity.

From Manila And Any Point In Luzon. Take The North Luzon Expressway All The Way To San Fernando Exit And Pass Thru Towns Of Pampanga (Bacolor, Guagua, Lubao) And Bataan (Dinalupihan) To The Subic Bay Freeport Expressway. (Tipo Road, Bataan).

A relaxing ferry trip via Mt. Samat Express leaves Manila from the Philippine Cultural Center on Roxas Boulevard and takes you to the port of Orion in the province of Bataan. From the port, a bus takes you to Subic Bay. Do note, however, that bus services from the port to Subic Bay should arranged with the designated officer at the front desk of the ferry terminal.

Famous Dive Wreck Sites in Subic Bay Philippines

The USS New York Sea Wreck: This dive site has a depth of 27m and the current is virtually none. This vessel is a World War I vintage battle cruiser served in the Philippine-American war, the Chinese revolution and WW1. This ship stayed in Subic Bay when it was decommissioned in 1931. Thisship was scuttled by the US Navy to prevent the massive 17-inch guns from falling into Japanese hands in 1941. This historic old war horse still has its cannons intact and is a perfect wreck for underwater photography. The wreck is home to barracuda, lionfishes, spotted sweetlips, groupers, lobsters and spotted rays. But be careful in diving this wreck because it is very dangerous and a number of divers have been lost.


Subic Bay Famous diving spotsEl Capitan: This dive site has a depth of 5-18m and their is no current in this site. The wreck is situated near the inner channel marker of Ilanin Bay. This wreck is a really good shallow dive. The ship wreck is a freighter of nearly 3,000 tonnes and is 130m long. Exotic and abundance of marine life can be seen in this wreckage. A wide variety of tropical fish can be seen, including glass eyes, tangs, wrasses, gobies, spotted sweetlips, lobsters, crabs and clownfish.

Oryoku Maru: This dive site has a depth of 18m and the current is weak. Oryoku Maru is situated 400 meters off Alava pier. The ship was a passenger ship carrying families as well as 1600 American prisoners of war when it was attacked by American aircraft. The ship was sunk by heavy bombardment from American fighters. The ship now is a mess of iron is home to a colorful array of marine life. This tangled artificial reef is home for all species of shallow water marine life, clown fish, angel fish, spotted sweet lip, lobster and with regular schools of barracuda and talakitok swimming overhead.

San Quentin: This dive site has a depth of 12m and the current is weak. The ship is a 50-60m lone and lies in only 12m of water, visibility and light are good. The ship's outline is easily discernable, although most of the wreckage has decayed and lies flat with the sand. The bow and stern are still fairly intact. Marine life is rich and diverse.

Seiun Maru: This dive site has a depth of 18-24m and the current is negligible. Seiun Maru is a Japanese Cargo ship of approximately 30,000 tonnes was sunk by US Navy in 1945. Seian Maru lies on its portside in 27 meters (85 feet). The holds are cavernous and easily accessible and you will encounter talakitok, spotted sweet lip, coral trout and other species of marine life found in this area.


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